Creed Perfume Not an ordinary fragrance

perfume creedCreed Perfume
Creed has been a perfume house for longer than TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY years. First started in 1760 as the House of Creed, this company has created an awesome collection of perfumes for women in addition to colognes for men.
With large successes such as Green Irish Tweed in addition to Bois Du Portugal, Creed has been at the forefront of perfume fashion for hundreds of years.

Green Irish Tweed
A good smell which has always been one of the best sellers since its release in 85, Irish Tweed integrates flowery scents with natural and woody notes. It’s the ideal perfume for your man.

Silver Mountain Water
This is a fragrance which has gained critical acclaim since its launch in 1995. It contains top notes of mandarin and bergamot, green tea leaf and blackcurrant as its center notes along with a base of galbanum, musk, sandalwood as well as petitgrain. The scent is known as a fresh and fruity one with a deliciously musky undertone.

Creed Aventus
The most recent introduction by Creed is Aventus. Released in 2010 this is a fragrance for men which celebrated the TWO HUNDRED FIFITY years that Creed has been producing amazing scents for both women and men. Aventus has delicious fruity top note of Blackcurrant, Pineapple as well as Apple while its center notes supply the consumer woody Birch, patchouli as well as Jasmine. You are going to finally find undertones of vanilla and also musk among others.
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